Temple jodhidam or joshiyam or jyotish or jyothisham or astrology i.e in the language of Tamil as Kandams originated from the location of Tamil Nadu. Initially the Hindu Sages started astrology from the small Hindu temples in the previous centuries. Most of the famous Hindu temples were built according to the Kandams using planetary positions, science of architecture, the birth star of the God &individual building the temple and forecasting these two Nakshatras. They will come out with one well timed day for these two stars. It is practiced as Vedic Astrology in India.

The most important features of Astrology or an Astrologer is not in just scanning the life of a person but the objective of an Astrologer is to assure, the Bad Karma's influence is totally eradicated and an individual be directed towards the path of betterment and also to accentuate the importance of doing good Karma in life. Karma is developed from our thoughts and yields its result in action. And we all agree that we seek astrological concern only when we see some hindrances in life or to seek a suggestion for our actions to be executed

Some of the temple astrologers script Olai Chuvadi i.e palm leaves for architectural of temples then what are the God's statues should be primary based on the power of God. Every temple have been built by considering into the measure of attraction and repulsion which will work in a pattern for a similar type of Kandams of many people and it's been built to eradicate the negative influence for that particular pattern. Knowledge of astrology is highly vital for all. In such cases, they can know for themselves the forthcoming intimation of events and guard themselves against calamities.
Temple Astrologers can also perform Puja because the remedy of eradicating our negative influences. In Hinduism Puja is the most familiar form of holy worship. Pujas are implemented either by individuals or by groups and either directly by a worshipper or roundabout by a priest on behalf of the worshipper.