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There are nine planets circling in outer space. As they think about, cosmic rays divided in different directions. These cosmic rays have an effect on the souls that still remain on the earth. Original Naadi Astrology is a discourse that reveals the kind of effect i.e. benefits & drawbacks or in other words the positive & negative effects the cosmic rays generate and instruct human beings in their path through life. Astrology is thus termed a holy science.
Based on the good & bad deeds done in the past births, the dissertation namely Astrology explains and unveils the past, present & future divine secrets of life experienced by living creatures, offer explanations regarding the divine secrets of life and guides men in their path through life.

We use only the original Naadi joshiyam for prediction and give extreme significance to the Naadi Leaf interpretations which is very essential. Our well experienced &original Naadi astrologers can deliver high level accurate interpretations, very appropriate solutions and Pariharas after thorough analysis. We do our Naadi reading & foresight services to any corporate and individuals.

To be ready to discover a new destiny, you are invited to search for your Naadi leaf today and perform the simple remedies indicated. The treatise of original Naadi jyothidam has been made in the form of Tamil language poetry.

The selection of the specific original olai chuvadi (palm leaf) relating to an individual is a time consuming process and it may take 2 to 3 hours sometime. The customers would be fortunate to get it within a reference to 5 or 6 olai chuvadi. Every leaf is pertaining to a person would contain facts about that person viz. , his and his wife's name, his parents names, number of siblings, the order of his birth in the family, whether he is the son of the first or second wife, in case if his father had got married twice and such other definite facts. These are called Sakshis or witnesses. The customer should accept or deny the facts, when it is being read from the olai suvadi joshiyam. But he should not reveal the fact well in advance. If the particulars given in a particular do not agree entirely, the next palm leaf is taken and the process continues till the correct palm leaf containing the factual foresights completely, matches with his family particulars.

In many cases, the persons do not get their palm leaf(olai chuvadi). It means that the time to know their future hasn't arrived near to us. Periodically, we get new bunches from our Head Office, therefore those who did not get their Naadi in prior attempts, may get consecutively. However, we do not charge any fees in cases when the customer does not find his/her palm leaf, although much time we spend to trace out.