Details In Kandams

It has been told in the Naadi astrology that all human beings are getting their happenings in their life by twelve types of predictions only. That twelve types of predictions have been noted in our brochures under the title of DETAILS OF KANDAMS( CLASSIFICATION OF FUTURE PREDICTIONS). Here the explanations are given for clearing your doubts on getting your predictions.

Chapter No: 1 :- This is called as the GENERAL KANDAM. It gives the over all predictions, including the all other chapters/ kandams, either in the simple words or if you request, in detail also. Your thumb impression details, their goodness, your birth time planet positions, horoscope, your name, your parent name everything will come in the beginning and also other details of your future predictions will come in this chapter. Only the future predictions are seen in the Naadi leaves in general experience. If it is simple, the service cost will be low and if it is in details the cost will be high. Both of the two types of predictions are available for all persons.

You have to get the details of the service charges and you have to decide.Then you please request us your choice of predictions. For your information, sometimes your leaf may have the non-available situation also. In those situations you need not pay the service charges. If you do not have satisfaction on the detailed predictions of the General kandam, then you may request the separate chapter predictions. For example, if you want to know about marriage, if your General kandam gives only insufficient of messages on your marriage, you may request for the separate chapter predictions.

Definitely it will give full details on your marriage. If you feel the marriage information are sufficient in your General Kandam predictions, you need not search them in the separate chapter. Because, for every separate chapters, you have to pay extra service charges towards the leaf searching activities. Regarding the marriage information, you have to get the 7th chapter predictions. For knowing the welfare of your children, you have to get 5th chapter details. If you want business and profits, you have to get 10th chapter predictions. Those details are given below for your perusal. Please read our brochures and also the following details.

Chapter No: 2:- This chapter gives the details your financial inflow in future, Good positions of your Eye vision, welfare of your entire family, your educational developments and improvements, also your talking efficiency. In particular period, in particular situation the above details can be known by this chapter in detail. However, all these details can be known by simple way(abbreviated) at the General Kandam.

Chapter No: 3:- This chapter will give the details of your brothers and sisters, their welfare, their good relationship with you, their affections on you, their supports, their health and wealth, your hearing abilities, your brave heart, courageous mind, self confidence also your house hold utensils. These details can also be known from the General chapter by the short explanations.

Chapter No: 4:- This chapter will give you the details of your mother, her welfare, your home and house, your motor vehicles, properties, land and pleasures. They will be in very detailed explanations. However, the short way of the notes of them can be known by the General kandam.

Chapter No: 5:- This chapter will give the details of your children and their welfare, their birth, if no children, the reason for it, adoptions of children, remedial measures of having children, future life situations of your children. However, these details can be known from the first chapter by simple explorations only.

Chapter No: 6:- This chapter gives the details of your illness, disease, financial debts, your direct and indirect enemies, judicial magistrate court cases, remedial measures for avoidance. Your future setbacks, slow development periods, everything can be known by this chapter. All these details will be available in short formation in the General Chapter.

Chapter No: 7:- Your marriage, marriage life details, if delay in getting the marriage reason for the same, Astrological details of the bride or bridegroom, from which direction the bride or bridegroom will arrive, the place of distance to bride or bridegroom such details can be known from this chapter. These details will be available in the General chapter with simple way of explanation only.

Chapter No: 8:- Your long life/Longevity, accidents if any in future, if any dangerous positions in future, in which age, in which month, in which day, in which time, in which astrological star, Lagnam, and in which place your last end such details can be known from this chapter. This details will also available in the General chapter with short explanations only.

Chapter No: 9:- Your father details, his welfare of life, his wealth and your wealth, your pilgrimages, your lucky events in future, preaching by the Holy persons, your charitable deeds everything can be known from this chapter in details. The same details will be seen in the General chapter by short explanations only.

Chapter No: 10:- Your profession, your job opportunities, remunerations, categories of your business , changes in your place of business, goodness of those changing of places, such details can be seen in this chapter in detailed manner. The same details will be seen in the General chapter in short way only.

Chapter No: 11:- Your profits from business position, in case the second time of marriage happens those details can be got by this chapter verification. However, those details can be known in the General chapter in simple explanations.

Chapter No: 12:- In your future life, what types of expenditures will be made by you, in which periods you will get foreign country travelling, your next birth details, your attainment of Salvation such details can be known by this chapter Naadi reading. The same details can be known from the General chapter in simple way.

Chapter No: 13:- This chapter Kandam is called as SHANTHI PARIHARAM Chapter. This chapter details can not be explained in the General Chapter predictions. Because, it is a peculiar chapter. If you had done any mistakes in your past life, it may give you the reaction and setbacks in this present birth. For knowing such previous birth sins, all details of the mistakes of your previous birth, what was your name in the previous birth, where did you live in the previous birth, what types of problems you are facing in this present life by those previous birth mistakes, how to get relief from those previous birth sins, what types of remedies should be undertaken by you no such details can be known by this chapter of Naadi reading. There is a special service charge has been fixed for this chapter.

Chapter No: 14:- This chapter kandam is called as DECKSHAI Chapter, is Some of our problems in our life can not be cleared by the usual worshiping, remedies to God Almighty prayers or by any types of offerings to the God almighty. They can only be cleared by the Divine Manthra Jepa method of chanting poojas.

It is the Indian Hindu religious method of worshiping. Only the experienced people can do it. Because, this type of pooja is very difficult to follow. Continuously it will be chanted daily for more than 100 days or sometimes more than 200 days according to the Naadi leaf predictions.
Through a Talisman, a divine powered copper plate has to be worn by you after completion of this pooja. Whatever the setbacks, problems by the reasons of jealous,envy can be cleared by this pooja. More details of this pooja can be known by our Guruji. A separate service charge has to be paid for this chapter of Naadi reading.

Special Kandams at Special Rates:

chapter 15; "AVUSHATHA KANDAM"(Medicine)
This is called as "AVUSHATHA KANDAM" "AVUSHATHA" means the Indian natural herbal medicine. Naadi astrology leaves give the details of the herbal medicines, which required to a particular illness or any disease. If there is no any disease, for getting the better health, and long living, necessary herbal medicines can be known from the leaves. To a particular illness, a particular medicine only should be consumed by human being. This is the correct procedure if treatment. Such very accurate method of details can be got from the leaf. The dosages of medicines consumption, available places, other advises of medicines can also be known by this chapter.

In the Indian system of planet based astrology, 'DASA BUKTHI' is a name of planets movement calculation. Only the Tamil astrologers can know this methods. On that basis the future predictions are seen in the Naadi leaves. This DASA BUKTHI can only be found through the Naadi astrology in exact way of predictions. Ancient Saints have written them accurately in the Naadi leaves, for example, from 30.10.2018 to 2.6.2019 is a SUN planet DASA with JUPITER planet BUKTHI period for one person. In this particular period what kinds of happenings will be experienced by that person that details will be told from the leaves similarly all planets DASA BUKTHI predictions can be known from the Naadi leaves. These predictions are very accurate and they will be given for the entire future life also.

This chapter is called as "PRASANNA KANDAM" For a particular problem, a person can know this type of prediction from the Naadi leaves. For example, a person likes to purchase one new house. He gets confusion and he requests the help of Naadi predictions to get a clear idea. The Naadi leaf results will be in the form of 'This new house purchase will give goodness" or " This is not the correct time to purchase that house now" such type of answers can be know. The time of the request will be noted, and on that basis these leaves are searched and predictions are collected. Maximum 5 numbers of questions can only be accepted during one time of leaf searching. The requests should be given by hand writing only. All types of problems can be solved through this Kandam.

This chapter is called as 'DASA BUKTHI CHITHIRAM" kandam.As mentioned earlier, "DASA BUKTHI" as an Indian Tamil Astrological word. This chapter from the Naadi astrology tells about the DASA BUKTHI divided by 9 types of accuracy of planet movements. This is called as ANDHARAM in Tamil Nadu. It has been found that 9 types of DASA, 9 types of BUKTHI and 9 types of ANDHARAM are seen in a person's entire life duration period. 9 X 9 X 9 periods and their predictions are written in the leaf. But, subject to availability only these predictions can be known, since the future predictions are only available in the leaves. This is also one of the peculiar and accurate style of predictions in the Naadi astrology.

This chapter is called as "DASA BUKTHI SHANTHI PARIHARAM" kandam A person's difficulties in his life, require the remedies. By the way of calculating 'DASA BUKTHI' of planets occupations and getting the remedies on the basis of 'DASA BUKTHI' planets this chapter helps us. This remedies will give us immediate solutions and relief from our troubles in life. These remedies are very special things. Different types of remedies in different types of times for different types of troubles have been written in these chapter.

This chapter is called as "DASA BUKTHI DEEKSHAI" kandam. 'DHEEKSHAI' means the Divine Manthra Jepa worshiping to God Almighty. On the basis of 'DASA BUKTHI' calculations, particular Manthra Jepa Worshiping are known from this chapter. A person, who gets much of sufferings in life, after doing various remedies, various types of offering and prayers continuously, may get such advices from this chapter. Continuous chanting of Manthra Jepa will cure his troubles and setbacks. Details regarding this Divine Manthra Jepa Chanting can be known by this chapter. Particular Dasa, particular Bukthi and their particular type of setback, to correct that particular setback, this DHIKSHA gives the correct way of Manthra Chanting.

This chapter is called as "KOCHARA SHANTHI PARIHARAM" kandam "KOCHARA" means, the present day planet movements in the Zodiac. Day by day movements of planets give the reactions in good manner or in bad manner in everybody's life. Knowing the reasons of troubles, clearing the way of troubles can be known by the Naadi Astrology. In this chapter, necessary remedies have been written in the leaf. So, unexpected happenings in the life, knowing the reason and doing the remedies such things are given by this chapter.

This chapter is called as "KOCHARA DHEEKSHAI" kandam.As mentioned above, Kochara planet movements are affecting our day by day happenings. To solve our problems by the way of MANTHRA JEPA POOJA is called as KOCHARA DHEEKSHAI. In this chapter also Divine Manthra Jepa Pooja and worshiping are mentioned. People those who gets very severe problems, gets their solutions by this chapter.

"SUKSHMA" means very particular and minute thing. Sometimes, a person who undergo various types of problem solving methods at his life, but if he does not have relief from a particular trouble, this chapter helps him to get the very accurate prediction and remedy. It means, very long period problems can be solved by this chapter. Finding the reason of the problem, explaining the solutions to get relief from problems such things are known from this chapter. Here also the remedies are explained in the leaf.

Manthra Jepa Pooja- chanting Divine Manthra towards the various Gods, duration, method of worshiping are told in this chapter. As told above these chapter is very accurate way of researching on the problem finding of life and happening. The method of solving is told in this chapter. It is also very accurate telling of the Naadi Astrology.

Political life to a person gives him very fast developments in his life. Popular, famous, influence, administrative power and capacity everything are the peculiars of a political life. But, very rare people are only getting success in their political life and in political influence. This chapter gives a person's political life and success. Most of the successful politicians in India, from all over the country have got their prediction from this special chapter.

chapter 26: GNANA KANDAM
"GNANA" means Wisdom and enlightenment. Very peculiar persons in this world, do not get involvement on the welfare of their material life and like to know about the wisdom, secrets of the universe and its creations. A person's involvement on WISDOM is explained in this chapter. Possibilities on the success at the efforts of spiritual searching can also be known from this chapter. Naadi astrology says that everybody should know about their GNANA KANDAM predictions, because this is the Superior richness of a real life.

"ANUGRAHA" means the blessing of God Almighty. This chapter gives the details of the Divine blessing of God Almighty to a person. The blessing of the god Almighty can only provide all types of Goodness to a family life. So, this is also an important chapter to everybody, to know that whether the Divine Blessing are arriving us or not. If not, what should we do to get it continuously in our life. How to make ourselves as a divine powered person, by the way of blessing of God Almighty? Such details we can get from this chapter.