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For more than three generations, Our ancestors gathered these palm leaves from various places. Based on, what they thought us, We have been giving these predictions.

The World is dominated both by Theism and Atheism respectively as two philosophical doctrines but it is being ruled over by astrology in all respects and this truth is being accepted even by atheists. This Naadi Astrology is prominent everywhere and being supported by atheism. This art of Naadi Astrology is a successful combination of spiritualism and scientific research to find out the future of the individuals.

It predicts the future of the individuals sans any slip even to the microscopic level of an atom. Hence, It is being respected and portrayed by the people of various realms. If we do research to find out the differences between Natal astrology and Naadi astrology, Prediction based upon arithmetical calculation by men is natal astrology and forecasting by the Rishis with the help of their spiritual power is Naadi astrology. Envisaging their future out of spiritual wisdom, the Rishis of our ancient past recorded the predictions of some individuals on palm leaves. The arithmetical predictions being predicted by some ordinary people may lead to failure often in most of the cases, they want to deal. By observing the positions of planets in the horoscope, predicting the future of the individuals seems to be defective and erosive; not accurate and valid and it proves futile often.

This is perhaps due to complications in observing the correct birth time of a child. The time at which the head of the baby coming out from the womb of its mother is the correct birth time of a baby. No one records the birth time accurately and it causes so many complications often. So keeping aside all these erosive methods, let us look in to the forecasting made by the Rishis and sages of our ancient past based on their spiritual wisdom, leaving arithmetical calculations. Hence the predictions being expounded by the Rishis and sages for the well being of the mankind are valid and accurate and it never fails because of their spiritual word power.

This being predicated with the help of THUMB impression of the individual. To those, who are unable to visit in person, we have attached a questionnaire and it may be mailed to us duly filled in neatly and correctly with the details, we require to find out their leaves among the lacks and lacks of palm leaves we preserve in our repository.

On receipt of your thumb impression along with the details, We will search out your palm leaf and the forecasting replete with your future prospects which were recorded on palm leaves by the Rishis will be mailed to you with very clear explanatory notes.