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Naadi astrology is a type of Hindu astrology practiced in and around Vaitheeswaran temple and is referred to as vaitheeswarankoil Naadi astrology or Naadi jothidam. It comes among the science control in the future prediction of human beings, even it is known as power of Extra Sensory Perceptions and mostly people choose the Naadi astrologers based on vaitheeswarankoil Naadi jothidam review. Lord Shiva ensures genuineness of the forecasts being explained by these ancient palm leaves. It refers to the previous, present and forthcoming existences of all people predicted by Hindu sages in antiquated time. In the general term, human's foredoom is destined by God. Only the ancient sages are the best and genuine Naadi astrologers in vaitheeswarankoil in predicting the human's authorization by Date of birth, planetary positions, and Zodiac signs.

This is a well-cultivated science as proven from ancient manuscripts like Brihatsamhita, Jathaka Paarijatha and so on. Palmistry, Numerology and Naadi perusing are alternate controls. These are all set to be as original Naadi jothidam in the ancient history.

To predict our future, based on our native is the most essential thing in palm leaf astrology. In the language of Tamil, it is termed as Olai chuvudi jothidam especially in vaitheeswarankoil.The previous, present and forthcoming predictions are carved on palm leaves. These Naadi leaves were previously kept in the premises of Tanjore Saraswati Mahal Library of Tamil Nadu. Few leaves got destroyed, and the remaining were auctioned during the British rule. Those Naadi leaves were incurred & possessed by and have been transformed through years from one generation to the other by the families of astrologers at vaitheeswarankoil.

We are one amongst the families of astrologers who are successfully serving in the field of Naadi astrology and famed as the best & famous Naadi reader or astrologer in vaitheeswarankoil.
If some humans want to become a genuine astrologer, they have to learn more about thumb impressions based on the palm leaves. In order to facilitate easy searching of the bundles, the palm-leaf bundles are categorized & indexed in the library according to thumb impression. For a single thumb impression, there are totally 5 to 6 palm leaf bundles, each such bundle containing 50 to 100 leaves. A leaf contains a single statement about the native of a human. If the statement is true, astrologers search for the next leaf and read carefully. Some of the expert and famous Naadi astrologers have learnt from the school of vaitheeswarankoil. The Maha Siva Sukshma Naadi astrology or jyothisham in vaitheeswarankoil is powerful & more thorough and absolute in the fore sighting events compared to Kousika and Agasthiya Naadi. It is derived from Naadi astrology, then from the cult of Maha Siva Sukshma Naadi in the vaitheeswarankoil. The foresights of Naadi astrology are all in Tamil Language in poetic form and being utilized by code words for astrological and different terms. Hardly, these are normally understood by instructed Tamilians.
Choosing a specific leaf in Vaitheeswarankoil olai chuvadi relating to an individual is a time exhausting process and sometimes it may take 2 to 3 hours and at other times, if the customers are lucky, they will get through within a reference of 5 to 6 leaves. Every leaf connecting to an individual would contain facts about that particular individual viz., and his wife's & parent's names, number of brothers and sisters, the order of his birth in the family. And also, whether he is the son of the first or second wife: in case if his father got married twice and such other definite facts too. These are called Sakshis or witnesses. So these are the procedures to select and read the Siva Sukshma Naadi astrology followed by expertise astrologers. Thus our Agasthiya Maha Siva thulliya Naadi Jothida nilayam prominent and well known for its Naadi astrology address in vaitheeswarankoil